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"I purchased the ECOsmarte this year for our in ground pool. After reading it in an advertisement, I was curious. Not using chlorine sounded great.
After learning more from the dealer, I was convinced to try it on the 60-day money back guarantee. There was a difference. The water made our skin
softer and the children enjoyed the water without chlorine. They stayed in longer and didn't mind opening their eyes. Even my son's friends at the
ages of 10 commented on the chlorine free water. My daughter started bringing goggles to her friend's pool because of the chlorine.

At the beginning it was a change to get used to the system. I phoned the toll-free number and the service was always friendly and helpful. When the
60-days were coming to an end, the choice was obvious. My wife and I decided to keep it. Our children were enjoying their swim and in the long run it
is better for our health."

The Camick Family - Ontario, Canada
Non Chemical, Non Salt, Non Chlorine
Pool Systems

Hydrogen Peroxide.
Natural Oxygen.  
Easier to use than Chlorine! Safer than Ozone.
More effective than Bromine or Bacquacil.  

Ionization Plus Oxygen--The
Complete Technology

You will eliminate:

Toxic chemicals  
Health hazards  
Offensive chemical odors  
Damage to our environment  
Damage to pool equipment

Experts Agree, Chlorine Can Be
Dangerous for Yourself and Your
Loved Ones. See Why >>

Ecosmarte Systems are Superior to All
Other Pool Treatment Systems...

Click Here for a Pool Treatment Comparison >>

100% Chlorine Free

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(Canadian and Australian customers are required under law to run a registered sanitizer, ECOsmarte Chem-Saver PCP #30976.)
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