Chlorine Free Pool

In today's world with all the harsh chemicals removing one from your life is fairly simple. Chlorine has been used for decades as a way to keep our pools sanitized and sparkling clean but chlorine has been linked with various health problems not to mention the effects it takes on our bodies.

Chlorine in pools reacts to urine and sweat which can perhaps create irritations to the respiratory system. Chlorine which converts to toxins has been linked to various other health conditions including asthma in children. In adults it has been linked to increase your risk of bladder, breast, testicular, colon and rectal cancer not to mention an increase in coronary heart disease to name a few of the increased risks associated with chlorine. This is why more people are opting to have a chlorine free pool.'

The vapors alone coming off chlorinated tablets for pools emit harmful vapors. Chlorine is used in everything from bleach for our clothing, cleaning products, insect pesticides; it is even used in our drinking water. With learning the harsh truth of chlorine its no wonder alternatives are being looked into so many people will have a chlorine free pool.

Chlorine over time dries and discolors hair, dry out your skin and even burn eyes not to mention chlorine has carcinogenic traces and its safety over time is very uncertain. With just the knowledge of theses known problems of chlorine it's obvious that a more eco safe chlorine free pool solution is the way to go when chlorinating our pools for the safety of your friends and family that you have swimming in your pool.

Research is being done all around the world looking into the dangers of chlorine and finding alternatives to a chlorine free pool. With most people not knowing or even being careless on how to safely chlorine a pool with in the EPA's standard guidelines they are posing risks to people who use their pool.

More and more manufactures are even using chlorine and bromine together in pool cleaning products. Chlorine and bromine together have been known as one of the most potent cancer causing mixtures. These components connect to our body fat and it's only a matter of time till these components begin to cause health problems later down the line.

These are the reasons a chlorine free pool needs to be in effect when it comes to taking care of your pool needs. A system that does not require you to spend money week after week to keep your pool clean without the use harsh and toxic chemicals.

There are many ways to clean a pool and to kill bacteria in a pool while keeping friends and family safe from the harsh chemical chlorine. With the known problems of chlorine from repeated exposure these options are becoming more and more popular in today's societies.

One such non chemical way to clean a pool is our natural oxygen technology system. With this system alone you will eliminate harsh chemicals, chemicals odors, and health hazards.