Natural Pool

The essence of a natural pool is one that appeals too many. A lot of people are unsure of the different treatments that are available in maintaining a pool today. It is possible to maintain a natural pool that does not have the harsh chemicals such as the most common chlorine and salt systems. There are many benefits to maintaining a natural pool. One of the biggest benefits is the reduced risk of health problems that are associated with chlorine systems and other toxic chemicals that are most commonly used in personal and public pools today. These health problems can range anywhere from breathing and asthma problems to a higher risks of bladder and rectal cancer along with coronary heart disease.

A natural pool is also beneficial because it has less daily maintenance than your standard pool systems. You will not have the dried out skin and hair or the stinging of the eyes that is commonly associated with chlorine pools. The natural pools systems are better for you pool equipment and will not bleach out the colors on the equipment, pool liners, or bathing suits worn into the water. The natural pools systems are not affected by the higher usage of the pool or hot weather.  Often when a pool is used by more people or for extended periods of time over those very hot weeks you have to add more that normal amounts of chemicals and cleaners to make the system work properly. This is not so when using a natural pool system. The system adjusts itself and is as clean with 50 people in the pool as it was with 5 people in the pool.

A natural pool system such as ours is environmentally friendly as well as better for your overall health, hair, and body. The natural pool systems can control the calcium from scaling on the sides of the pool, on the pool equipment, or on any decorative stones and pieces that touch the water. Your pool equipment, liners, and covers will not be affected by a natural pool. They will not bleach, become cracked or brittle, and will last their expected length of time. The amount of electricity use by the natural pool systems is minimal compared to that of chlorine or salt water systems.

If for some reason your pool springs a leak or there is just an overflow from a lot of rain or a large group of people in the pool, the water from a natural pool system will not harm any plant life or grass that it hits. Chlorinated or salt water will kill and plant life or grass that it comes in contact with. There are many reasons that a natural pool system is better than a chemically treated one. The switch to a natural pool system may be easier than you think. With a little research and time you will be able to switch your pool for a chemically treated hazard to one that is safe for you, your pets, your family, and the environment.