Pond Benefits

What are the Benefits of an Ecosmarte System VS Other Alternative Methods?

Pond owners save time & money by not having to purchase and add chemicals to their pond to sanitize the water.

ECOsmarte pond systems eliminate scaling and stains caused by calcium, chemicals, and lime deposits.

ECOsmarte pond water is a far healthier for any fish, and plant life that is in your pond, then by using any other type of chemical or cleaner.

ECOsmarte treated pond water does not produce annoying odors.

The ECOsmarte systems require only a few minutes each week to properly maintain the water quality.

Water quality is easier to maintain using an ECOsmarte pond than using chemicals, or other pond filtration systems.

ECOsmarte pond systems can be easily installed by the homeowner or a pond professional in less than thirty minutes.

The ECOsmarte systems have very low operating costs - less than $1 per month.

ECOsmarte provides free toll-free customer assistance 6 days per week.