Salt Systems Comparison

The main function of salt generators is to create chlorine from salt. The chemical name for salt, NaCl is Sodium Chloride. While salt generators require that you purchase salt instead of chlorine, you are still swimming in chlorine and you will experience all of the problems you will experience swimming in a chlorine pool - the chemical smell of the water, the red eyes, the toxic chemical constantly entering your body through the skin, etc.

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Water Softeners using salt also add a significant amount of salt to your tap water. The harder the water the more salt is added.

Salt generators are expensive devices and consume a lot of electrical current by applying a high voltage across a cell. The amount of chlorine produced is such a small amount that the system must run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You must maintain your water chemistry and the cell must remain free of mineral deposits or it will not function properly. What you think you are saving from buying chlorine is lost by the electrical consumption. Salt generators are better than buying chlorine, but they are very corrosive and the generator chamber has a limited life, and when it goes and it will go, it can cost you $400 to $1000 to replace.

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