Pool Covers

When it comes to covering and protecting your pool there are various types of pool covers that perform different tasks. Some of them include the following:

  • Safety covers
  • Solar covers
  • Winter covers
  • Above ground mesh winter covers
  • In ground covers
  • Leaf nets

These are just some of the pool covers that are available. Some are fully automated (you lay them down and they open with the push of a button) and some are manual. A manual type of pool cover is much cheaper than an automated cover. There is some work involved on your part, but if you want to save money, manual covers are a good option.

The Purpose of Pool Covers

Pool covers have three main purposes.

  1. The first purpose is to keep unwanted debris such as leaves, grass, insects, and other foreign unwanted particles out of your clean pool.
  2. Another purpose of a pool cover is to keep people and animals from accidentally walking into the pool and drowning.
  3. The third purpose is to hold in heat and chemicals by preventing evaporation of your warmed pool water.

Specific types of covers serve different purposes for your pool. Therefore, if you are specifically concerned with keeping your pool free of dirt and other pollutants, you would not necessarily go out and purchase a vinyl safety cover. By the same token, if you are concerned about people and animals accidentally walking into your pool, you would not go out and buy a bubble wrap solar cover. Each cover has its own properties and purpose, although some have several.

Safety Pool Covers

As a pool owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that you leave your swimming area in a safe condition when not in use. This is why a lot of people have opted to purchase sturdy vinyl pool covers. These are made to withstand the weight of several people standing on it without it collapsing due to weight. It also serves a dual purpose in that it keeps unwanted debris out of your pool. Its main purpose however is to prevent the accidental drowning of children and animals who may step into the pool.

Solar Pool Covers

Many people have taken advantage of solar pool covers to retain natural heat from the sun to keep their pools at an optimal temperature. Most solar pool covers consist of many air pockets or bubble wrap. They then use the heat from the sun to heat the pool and in many cases a steady temperature is maintained for the water that is in the pool.

Solar covers are the cheapest to buy because of their simple construction. They also assist in keeping out unwanted pollutants from the pool but this function is not the solar pool cover's primary use.

If you plan to install a swimming pool, purchasing a pool cover is a necessary accessory. It protects your pool, is safer and retains the heat.