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Customer Testimonials


My partner and I live in El Paso County.   The water is ok but nothing compared to the water from the Purity Bay water filtration system we purchased from your company.  I have bottled water straight from my sink.  No more having to buy bottles which not only pollute our planet but cost a lot of money.  Also no more carrying those heavy and bulky 5 gallon containers to put on the water cooler which is a quite difficult task might I add.

Not only am I drinking pure clean good tasting water but at the same time I am saving a lot of shelf space in the fridge and pantry from having to store bottled water and the 5 gallon containers (I had 6 of them).  The fact that the water is super clean it allows me to rinse all my fruits and vegetables straight of the sink making every dollar that I spend on organic veggies worth it.

Everyone that has come into my kitchen has been served delicious water from my sink and has loved it!  I couldn't be happier with the Reverse Osmosis in my kitchen.

We are also enjoying the water everywhere else in the home.  Our product consumption has been greatly reduced due to the fact that we no longer need to use so much shampoo, conditioner, etc.  One small drop the size of a dime will do.  I have really long hair, so another savings here.

My French bulldog has skin allergies and we have to use special shampoo which is rather expensive and I've noticed the consumption here has been drastically reduced as well.

We are really happy with this financial investment we made.   It's one of those investments that will last you a lifetime and those are rare.

Aside from purchasing the Purity Bay water filter system we also purchased the Ecosmarte system for both our hot tub and swim spa and boy let me tell you, if I thought the Purity Bay filter was the best investment ever this completely doubles that.  It is like swimming in bottled water.  It's like nothing I've ever experienced in my life.   I no longer have to be adding endless amounts of chlorine, shock, water clear etc.  Actually I don't have to add nothing at all.  Just like that the water stays SUPER clean and NO chemical smells what so ever. The amount of money I will be saving here will pay for the Ecosmarte in no time.

I highly recommend the Ecosmarte system to any hot tub, swim spa or pool owner.  This system gets 5 stars plus….  Overall we are one happy-happy customer.   To anyone who reads this I say, investing in cleaner water is the best decision you will make in your life, your body is about 60% water and your skin is your largest organ, therefore treating it with high quality water is the best thing you can do.

S. Marquez
El Paso, TX

Dear ECOsmarte,

In February of 2000 we purchased a Vita Spa with your Eco Smarte water purification system. After a short learning curve on my part, I found it very easy to maintain and keep the water crystal clear. We are finally in need of replacing our copper bars in the system after 14 ½ years. This is the first maintenance we have had to do to the Eco Smarte system. We are very satisfied with the Eco Smarte purification system and look forward to another 14 years of clear, clean water in our spa. We frequently recommend your system. Thank you for your great product!

Dan and Suzy Klein


We have had a Coleman spa since Sept 06, 2001. We decided to go with the ECOsmarte because Dave with ALASKA CLEARWATER out of Eagle River, AK said that it was the next best thing since popcorn. So we said go ahead and put it in. We had it put in on April 02, 2007. We are very happy with it. It is so nice not to use all the chemicals all the time. We change out our filter every month and when we changed it the first of July, it was like putting in a new filter and the one we took out was not yet dirty. It looked brand new. Thank you for a good product.

Thank You,
Mike Fritz
Palmer, AK

We love our ECOsmarte chemical free spa. No chlorine smell - no burning eyes -just clean, clear, odor free and maintenance free water. Thanks ECOsmarte,

Scott & Vanessa
Anchorage, AK

Dear ECOsmarte,

We love our new ECOsmarte Chlorine-free Spa System. The chlorine used to make my wife sick, and leave our skin dry. Now the water feels soft, leaves our skin feeling soft, and there's no strong chlorine odor. We're using our spa nightly. As a result, we're relaxed and sleep like babies through the night. It's one of the best investments we've ever made!

Tim Verhelst
Anchorage, AK

Dear ECOsmarte,

My husband and I have Clearwater Spa that we purchased from Adventure Spas almost two years ago. My husband has spoken to you about the proper maintenance and cleaning of the copper anodes that are that are in the spa as part of the ECOsmarte System, and is very meticulous about maintaining it well. I have to say we love your system, as it adds to the great clarity of our water, without the harsh smell of the chemicals. Thanks for making such a great product!

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Smith and Douglas Smith

We had the ECOsmarte system installed on our new hot tub. I'm still learning how to use it, but it is so nice not to smell like bromine after using the tub, the water is so fresh.

Bill D.

This is a brief note to ECOsmarte to let them and all their current and potential customers know, what a wonderful product their water purification system is. We purchased our spa and purification system in June of 2000 and I must admit, were quite skeptical of the whole “chlorine-free” claim. Well after 3 years of usage we are no longer skeptical. We are advocates of the system and offer up our story to anyone who we know to be considering purchasing a spa or pool system. We love the simplicity of the maintenance and obviously adore the fact that we are not subjecting ourselves, our family or guests to toxic chemicals.

Thank you and best regards,
Mary and Larry Cecchini
St. Paul, MN


Thanks for your advise on the tub. We have enjoyed our tub for over 9 years. 7 of those years have been with the ECOsmarte system. We have enjoyed our tub so much more with out all those chemicals.

We have now turned 6 of our friends into ECOsmarte followers.

Thanks Again!
I have enclosed the control box for your review. Please make the required repairs and send it back to us. We are lost without it!

Jeff & Andrea Van Slembrouck
Oakland Township, MI

Dear ECOsmarte,

I purchased my Hot Tub from R+L Big Spring Spas on January 28, 2003. It was at that time they left me the info on the ECOsmarte Product. My hot tub is in a heated sun room, so it has warm weather access at all times. I have had the ECOsmarte installed and I am very happy with it. Especially I like the softness and feel of the water.

Dough Eileen

May, 2003
We like our spa very much are pleased with its performance but have had a few problems with it. Our spa has been placed outside and has held up well. When we have had a problem and visited the store in Apple Valley the people working have been very friendly and answered all our questions and showed us how to operate things that were confusing to us. We really enjoy our spa.

Bob and Bev Benner
Omania, Minnesota

A hot tub is a luxury that we never thought we could afford, but my husband found a 20 year old one that our local Sundance Dealership checked out and said it worked great.

Then the realization about all the chemicals settled in came... I am sensitive to them and did not like the idea of luxuriating in them.

The ECOsmarte system provided a solution. We had a longer than normal time for clearing the pipes of residual chemicals, but finally the water is soft and clear.

Karen Ferber
Bayside, CA