Non Chemical Pool

With the testing done on pool chemicals lately its no wonder more people are opting for a non chemical alternative to cleaning and maintaining pools. Many of the chemicals and treatments used for our pools have shown in studies around the world to increase the risks of certain health problems. These health problems range from all types of different cancers, to a related risk in children's asthma.

When we sit back and look for a fun enjoyable activity and swimming is an option we do not want to add those risks to our summer enjoyment. While there are other non chemical pool solutions not all non chemical pool solutions are the same or even safe. A break down of these methods of cleaning a pool can help enlighten pool owners into making the right choice of protection for there pool needs.

Chlorine and Bromine chemicals work by attacking any organic material and keeping your pool clean but there are many side effects to using this method. Which include drying out your skin, discoloration and drying out your hair and the harm it causes to your eyes. Chlorine has also been linked over time to an increase of rectal and bladders control among adults. An increased risk of asthma in children has also been studied and reported. Chlorine use has to be done very carefully and it is very hard to stay with in the safe zone of use and to make sure your levels are perfect in your pool to create a safe swimming environment. Even if proper and safe methods are used there are still the risks of the chemical itself. People are opting for non chemical pools because of the dangers of chemicals.

Ozone Generators are used in a way where an ultra violet light is used to kill bacteria. These systems tend to be expensive and are not fully aggressive when it comes to killing bacteria in a large system of water like a pool. This type of system alone is not fully effective to eliminate the needs of other chemicals.

Salt systems work by using a salt generator which basically works to change the salt into chlorine. So simply put you are still getting the same effects as if you would have used chlorine to keep your pool clean. You will still experience all the same experiences you would if you had just used chlorine in your pool. With the salt system you will experience same smell, burning eyes, and drying out of hair and skin that is experienced with the use of chlorine.

With many different types of non chemical additives to add to a pool you will exchange harsh chemicals for very expensive chemicals. Products that contain biaguanide are very costly and over time have been reported to need more of the product to efficiently clean your pool.

Natural oxygen technology offered by us, works in a way like no other system. Water passes through an ECOsmarte oxygen electrode which then shocks the pool water in a non chemical fashion. This removed the need for chemicals and provides a cheaper and reliable way of keeping your pool clean. Weekly you would then ionize the pool which puts copper into the water to clean any viruses or algae that may be present.

The oxygen technology and ionize method have virtually removed any need for chemicals to enter your pool providing you with a safe and clean alternative to harsh chemicals or alternative expensive methods.  This method provides you with a true non chemical pool. There is no need for added chemicals.