Ozone Generators and UV Comparison

Ozone generators use a special ultra-violet light to kill bacteria. Like the cartridge systems mentioned above, ozone generators only kill contaminants in the ozone chamber and provide no residual protection to the water in the pool. To be effective, the pool pump must run almost all of the time. Ozone and UV units designed for swimming pools are very expensive and draw a lot of electric current, 4 Watts ECOsmarte versus 200 to 400 Watts UV. These units are better suited for spas but are not practical for the volume of water in most swimming pools.

Even the best ozone/UV units will not totally eliminate the need for chlorine or other chemical oxidizing agents in the pool water; most of the manufacturers quickly acknowledge this. Keep in mind an outdoor swimming pool receives surplus UV daily, and neither ozone or UV provide ANY swimmer-to-swimmer bacteria or viral protection.

ECOsmarte's O2 oxygen provides a HYDROGEN PEROXIDE generator right in the plumbing line of your pool. No regular chemical supplement is needed. Most legitimate UV and ozone manufacturers will discloseregular chlorine needed in the swimming pool or spa.