Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools can operate 100% chlorine-free. There are many advantages with an above ground pool. With the improved quality and options offered it’s become a more popular choice for people of all economic backgrounds.


Although an above ground pool generally costs less, that does not necessarily mean its poor quality or meant for those with less money. New flexible materials and technologies make them more durable and they should last at least ten years. Often parents begin with an above ground pool to see if kids like swimming.


Since an above ground pool is removable, it’s perfect for someone who is moving in a few months. Your above ground pool can simply be reinstalled wherever you decide to relocate. It’s possible to disassemble it in the winter and put it back up in the spring if that’s what you want to do even if you’re not moving.

More Options

There are more options with an above ground pool and if you decide you want to change the style, shape or color it’s much easier since it’s portable. You don’t have as many of these flexible options with an in ground pool.

More Compact

Above grounds are usually smaller than most in ground pools so people with smaller yards may prefer them. There is no sense getting an in ground pool if it’s going to take up your whole backyard. Many lots provided with homes in the city are simply not big enough to realistically install an in ground pool because of its size.

Less Work

They’re much less work to set up and you can be ready for a pool party within a couple days as opposed to weeks or months with in ground pools. There’s not as much digging involved so you don’t have the aggravation of worrying about what you’re going to hit when digging deeper.

The deck is already provided with the pool so that your privacy is insured. Decks can end up costing much more on an in ground pool where a privacy fence would need to be purchased separately.

Safer and Easier to Clean

An above ground pool is easier to clean and does not get as full of flying debris as an in ground pool since it’s higher. Another important benefit to a pool being raised is that it’s safer. A child can’t just stumble upon it and fall into it as easily, which is a consideration for many families.


It’s in your best interest to buy the best quality above ground pool you can find. It will have more structure supports, be more durable and last longer. Some argue that a round pool is sturdier than an oval shape but most high quality pools will add extra supports to compensate for any weaknesses.

It might be tempting to install an above ground pool yourself since most kits come with instructions and it’s cheaper. If you want to obtain all the proper equipment and have it fitted properly, it’s best to get a professional to install it. If you don’t have the right pump or filter or there’s a leak because it’s lopsided it will end up costing you way more in the long run.

The key is to avoid a salt chlorine generator and to select a sand filter instead of a cartridge.