Pool Designs

Making your pool area decorative and unique is not necessary but can be fun. Personalizing the shape, fence, yard and lighting are practical ways to do this in pool design. The pool shape can come in a variety of different types.

  • The kidney shaped pool
  • The rectangular pool
  • The diamond shaped pool
  • The round or oval pool
  • A straight lane or “L” shaped lap pool
  • Octagonal pool

There is also the option of Jacuzzi attachments that many people choose to have side by side with their swimming pool. This is a unique “Hollywood style” concept that is now becoming common with everyday pool owners.

With the prices of pools dropping, a Jacuzzi attached to your swimming pool has become a more realistic option. Some companies who specialize in fiberglass pools will make this offer inclusive when you buy a pool from them. It's an offer that many people can't resist, and the status of having a pool and a spa goes over well.

Pools Designs and Privacy

Many homes with pools and/or Jacuzzis have privacy fences erected. A privacy fence is usually eight feet tall and made out of overlapped six inch by one inch plywood. It is impossible to see through these custom made privacy fences and you as a swimming pool owner have the freedom to swim and hot tub as you wish.

Other privacy barriers can be used in your pool design. You can surround your swimming area with bushes or tall shrubs to give a natural feeling of privacy. Keep in mind the harmony and the esthetic beauty created when getting inventive with the way you design your swimming area.

Lighting and Safety

Some people don't have the luxury of surrounding themselves in shrubbery because their pools take up the whole back yard. You can still expand on the pool's deck, install a system of ladders, as well as use multiple lighting choices. A well-lit pool is beautiful in the evening. With sparkling blue water and a radiant set of lights cascading over the water, it looks very appealing to swim in. It also makes for safe nighttime fun around the pool with friends. It's obviously not safe trying to navigate your way around a pool that is dark. Lighting is a fun way to take advantage of pool design options.

Deck Designs

You can have fun personalizing your pool when designing your deck.  A unique and spacious deck improves the whole pool's ambiance. If designing isn't your strong point, seek the advice of a qualified architect to assist you with your pool design or buy a kit. Sometimes you can purchase the deck along with your pool, which is convenient.

Traditional decks are wooden and they are very popular but you still have choices when it comes to shape, color and height. Decks are also created from aluminum or vinyl and various color option are available. These materials are lower maintenance and will not rot, so you don't have to worry about sealing or staining them. Your only limits when it comes to pool design is your own imagination