Pool Repair

Swimming pools are often the centerpiece of a fun family outing. Few things can top the simple fun of lying by the poolside while your children splash and play in the water. However, a swimming pool is only as good as its caretaker, as swimming pools can require a fair amount of maintenance and repair. Whether it be a puncture hole that is allowing the water to escape, or a burned out water pump motor that is keeping the pool water from properly being sent through the filter, there are a variety of things that may need your attention.

The most common repair you will have to make with any swimming pool is stopping a leak. There are many ways and reasons a pool can leak, and depending on what kind of swimming pool you have may determine what steps you take towards making any repairs. For many above-ground pools, repairing a leak is often a two-step process. A temporary solution to any leak is simple putty. There are many different kinds of putties on the market that are designed to plug leaks; however the majority of them are only temporary. Eventually the chemicals with the chlorine will dry out the putty, making it brittle and ultimately it will flake off. A more permanent option for above-ground pools is the use of foam tiling. Foam tiling lines the inner wall of your pool underneath your liner, providing both extra support and leakage protection for your pool.

For in-ground pools, the repair process for your pool is actually somewhat easier, once you find the leak. For both in-ground and above-ground pools, many people use water dyes to find the leak. Sometimes the dye will leave a darkened colored ring around the leak hole, which doesn't need to be large to do a great deal of damage. A pinhead-sized hole can drain your pool in a matter of hours. To fix these leaks, many in-ground pools use caulk-like filler, which you simply use to either cover the hole in the wall of your pool, or as a filling agent to seal any cracks in the pool's floor.

While fixing and preventing leaks in your pool is more often than not the primary reason for any pool repair, which is far from the only reason. Another common cause for pool repair lies in the pool's water pump. If not maintained with proper care and maintenance, a pool's water pump can quickly burn itself out. If this happens, you're looking at a repair cost of several hundred dollars. If you are forced to buy a new motor, that could run you well over one thousand dollars, which could very well skyrocket even more when you include the costs of installation. Taking the time now to clean out your pool pump's motor of any residue sand or other debris now will save you countless hours and dollars later.

There are other things to keep your eye on, as well. Pool lights, railings and your liner all need regular care, from replacing defective lights to something as simple as scrubbing a stain. Be sure to check your pool regularly for any signs of disrepair that need your immediate attention.