Pool Vacuum

Keeping your swimming pool clean is far from an easy task. Between algae, mold, leaves, grass, dirt and other undesirables, there are many things that can get into your pool water and dirty your pool as a whole. While keeping your pool water clean and sanitary is an essential and vital task to the well being of any swimming pool, you don't have to spend hours a day skimming the surface of your pool water, and digging leaves and pebbles out of your filters. A pool vacuum is an effective, easy way to clean your pool in minutes.

Pool vacuums can do many things. One thing that many owners of pools use their vacuums for is as a replacement for that cumbersome skimmer that can be awkward to use. While some people use pool vacuums along with the skimmer, there are many vacuums out there which act almost like a skimmer of its own. Some vacuums suck in the water and leaves, filtering out the leaves before sending the water back through a hose and depositing it back into the pool. More and more people are buying these kinds of vacuums because rather than spending upwards of an hour or more fishing for leaves and whatever else may be polluting your water with a long, uncomfortable skimmer, you'll only spend a few minutes with a pool vacuum before your pool is clean, and ready for use.

Some pool vacuums come with vacuum heads that have bristles attached. These bristles are used for a variety of things, though they are designed to be used on the pool's liner. After so long, a swimming pools liner can become stained from chemicals in the water. The vacuum head's bristles rub against the stain on the pool liner with firmness strong enough to remove the stain, while still being gentle enough to not damage the vinyl lining of your pool, even as it ages. This means that even the most worn, aged lining is safe from suffering any further damage from these bristles.

The other common use for a pool vacuum is in the cleaning of your pool's filter. Many water pumps in your swimming pool come with debris catch baskets that prevent items, most often leaves, from being recycled back into the swimming pools water. People often use pool vacuums to help clean out their pool's water pump filters, making sure that they remove even the smallest bits of debris from the filter.

Whether you want to find a replacement for that cumbersome, heavy skimmer to clean your water's surface, or looking for something to help you clean out your pool's water filter of every bit of junk to make sure nothing gets back in the pool, pool vacuums are a great option. They promise to get the job done in less time than by hand, and in many cases they even do a better job of getting every particle out of your pool, leaving your pool water crystal clear and pristine.