Pond Treatment - Works with UV too

We specialize in ponds with murky water that often have both fish and water gardens.

It will create a clear, clean pond without the use of chemicals. Making it more healthy for pond fish, pond plants, and for the environment. With an Ecosmarte Pond Water Treatment System, you will have a cleaner, clearer pond then ever and enjoy our automated CO2 ph control.

Why Should I choose Ecosmarte?

We are simply the best in pond water treatment, and our system can complete the purification started with ozone or UV. With state-of-the-art award winning technology, proven 99%+ customer satisfaction rate since 1993, a toll free customer support hotline, and above all, the best pond water treatment out there.

Please Watch our "Every Pond Can be Fixed" (unedited) video below for more information on our Ecosmarte Pond Systems

Every pond can be retrofitted with ECOsmarte to achieve clear water and eliminate string algae.