Environment FAQ

Common Environment Questions

Q: Why is the ECOsmarte System Environmentally Friendly?

A: ECOsmarte Systems eliminate chemical backwash, require much less energy than other pool systems, and require less consumables such as replacement cartridges and chemicals. They also do not use unnatural pollutants like chlorine or salt to sanitize the pool water.

Q: What is Chemical Backwash and Why is it Harmful?

A: Most pool systems require periodic filter backwashes. This is done by pumping pool water through the filter to remove sediment and buildup and draining it into a sewer line or yard. Unfortunately, the drainage often contains hazardous chemicals like chlorine that can pollute creeks, rivers, ponds, and ground water. This can harm wildlife and ecosystems.

Q: How Much Energy Does an Ecosmarte System Use?

A:Our systems require only very low amounts of electrical energy- less than $2 per month.

Q: How is Filter Glass Environmentally Friendly?

A: ECOsmarte Filter Glass is 100% recycled from post-consumer waste glass. It lasts 3 times longer than silica sand and requires one half less water than Zeolite and one quarter less than sand for backwash.. This filter glass also contains no crystalline silica which can cause lung disease when inhaled.

Q: Do You Really Donate 5% of your Profits to Charities?

A: Yes. As a company committed to environmentally friendly water solutions, we strongly believe in supporting non-profit organizations who work for a better planet. Some of the charities we support are Orphans in Haiti, Food Shelves in several states, American Dog Rescue, along with swimming scholarships for needy children.