Treatment Comparison: Bioguanide Chemicals

Water purification additives containing biaguanide chemicals are sold under the trademarked names of Baquacil and Soft Swim. The active ingredient in these products is known as biaguanide. Unlike chlorine, biaguanide is not an oxidizer, so it does not irritate your body by reacting or "burning up" organic contaminants the way chlorine does.

Bioguanide does provide a higher quality of water than chlorine treatment but it is very, very expensive. Sometimes costing several times more than chlorine.

Bioguanide needs to be purchased in bulky containers and needs to be manually added to the pool water regularly.

After prolonged use of bioguanide, some pool owners complain that it takes more and more of the product to achieve the desired water quality. Pool owners also mention that the product causes a unique odor in the water after extended use.

Think of ECOsmarte as an inline hydrogen peroxide generator and when used with a Glasspack filter will be the ideal replacement for Bacquacil® Swim 'N Play® or any bioguanide used in the pool.

ECOsmarte® offers the ONLY chlorine alternative that requires NO regular chemicals added and no residual chemicals in the pool since 1994.