In Ground Pools

When you decide to install an in ground pool it could be for one of several reasons. Perhaps you are looking to raise the real estate value of your property or want create a fun atmosphere for family and friends. In ground pools are sometimes also installed for esthetic reasons to make your backyard appear more appealing. Whatever the reason you decide to build an in ground pool, it is a good idea to speak to experts about the building codes and get as much professional advice as possible. Consult an architect to see whether the pool design that you have in mind is possible for the dimensions of your back yard.

Types of In Ground Pools

You may or may not be familiar with the different types of in ground pools when you  decide to install one. You should consider carefully the style, size and the material of your in ground pool as it is difficult if not impossible to change it once the ground has been dug out and the pool has been installed.

Certain pools have a preformed style (such as the fiberglass pool) and it would be  very costly for you to have this pool unearthed and removed to replace it with another style of pool. Always do your research and be certain that the style and the type of pool that you decide on is what you and your family want and need.

There are three basic types of in ground pools that you can choose from. There are vinyl lined, concrete or fiberglass. A fiberglass in ground pool is the most expensive of the three but requires the least amount of daily maintenance. Although the fiberglass pool is resistant to algae forming on its sides, it comes in pre-formed shapes so your choices can be limited to an extent.

The concrete pool can be designed to very specific variations. You should keep in mind that concrete is a porous material and is prone to algae growing rapidly on its surface.

The vinyl lined pool can also be limited in choices and is prone to a lot of algae growth. This is not the only problem with the vinyl pool. Though the liner is thick, heavy vinyl is susceptible to unwanted tears and holes.

Drawbacks to In Ground Pools

Although in ground pools come with a certain amount of status, they are not without their drawbacks.  Since they are at ground level they easily trap animals, leaves, grass cuttings, blowing sand and dirt. They create a safety concern for those who have small children who could easily slip into the pool. It is often necessary to erect a fence around it and perhaps even a sign with a warning.

In ground pools do tend to look better in a yard than an above ground pool and do not stand out as much. In ground pools are a lot easier to lounge around and gain access to, which can be a concern in some circumstances, but is also convenient in others.