Pool Liner

Every pool needs to have the perfect liner so you can enjoy your pool to its fullest.  There are many things to think about when you begin looking into pool liners.  For instance, do you want someone to install the pool liner for you or do you want to try to install the pool liner for yourself? Depending on this question you will choose the according pool liner.

If you choose to actually install a pool liner for yourself, you will need to have a thorough instruction guide.  This will assist you in any further questions that you have.  A manual will be needed to make sure that the specific liner you get will be installed properly.

There are some basic things that you can rely on if you choose to install a pool liner for yourself. They are rather simple, but at the same time, they are rather hard steps to follow.  One of the things that you will be doing is trying to position the wall channels around your pool for temporary use. These are usually metal channels.  They will help you when you are beginning to install the pool liner.

You will have to do some digging in your pool and get a little dirty.  You need to be able to have a little mound in the middle of your pool so that you will be able to have the floor of your pool set when you install the pool liner.  Every pool liner calls for different sizes and shapes, but be sure that you are ready to have a little fun in the dirt if you choose to install your own pool liner.

You will probably need some help when you are ready to put your liner in the pool. You will need to spread it all out and into its position, you have to do this throughout the pool and make sure that you have clips to keep the liner in place.  When you have completely lined the pool with your pool liner, you will need to raise the metal wall channel that you have down.  This will put the liner in place creating the wall.  You have to do only one metal wall channel at a time. If you do more than one, you could cause your liner to come up unevenly, so continue in a circular pattern around your pool until all of the metal all channels are gone.

Make sure the bottom of the liner is smooth and the sides are straight and fairly tight. This will decrease the chance of having any bubbles in your liner or causing any seams in your liner. If you have extra liner, you should not cut it off.  You may need this liner at another point and time during your pool using days.  You will then begin to fill your pool with water very slowly. This will finish putting the liner in your pool.  Once you have your pool full, you have completed the task of installing a pool liner.